Hosting and administration

Hosting i administracja

Hosting of websites and web services

tested, working, trouble-free - everything is on our head

We offer our clients the opportunity to place websites on our servers.

Servers are located in professional data centers around the world. Cooperation with the best in the country and experience in the construction and administration of hosting platforms allows us to offer services at the highest level with availability

  • 24 hours a day,
  • 365 days a year.

Demanding solutions are no problem

regardless of data, locations and services

We can create dedicated solutions to meet your needs.

We are experienced in handling heavy data traffic and are familiar with security and the latest technologies.


Security under complete control

don't worry about your data

We will create mechanisms to provide that high level of security you need.

Full automation of security copying processes to independent locations, reports on problems, possibility of express data restoration.

Let us know how we can help

we will analyze your needs and propose a solution

Services tailored to your needs

we give you what you need

What sets us apart is our individual approach and ability to offer customized products.

We don’t compete with large, impersonal hosting companies, although we often use the services. We want the issue of maintaining websites or online stores not to be an additional job for you requiring knowledge and skills.

We maintain hundreds of small, as well as dozens of large sites with impressive data traffic.

Matching the service we offer means optimizing costs, more time and the certainty of using tools that provide the greatest possible security.

The best datacenter

We use only reliable locations

Tailored to your needs

Efficient, optimal, working solutions

Backed up and restored data

We will provide the level of security you need


We will take care of everything

just let us know about you



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