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Opieka nad stronami i serwisami

Web services and websites maintenance

peace of mind, development opportunities and greater security

We take care of your website stability, development and security.

We will take care of your website. Concentrate on what your company does best, and leave all matters related to the maintenance of its website to us. You will gain peace of mind and the help of specialists who will keep it safe.

Check out our support and have a peaceful sleep

we significantly improve security by taking care of the things that are important to you

WordPress is the most popular and fastest growing web development tool in the world.

However, the huge advantages of its use come with risks caused by, among other things, the openness of the code. Hacking attacks are very common and all sites face this problem through hacking attempts. Based on a study of the 40,000 most popular WordPress-based sites in the world, it turns out that more than 70% of them are vulnerable to attacks.

Ochrona i wsparcie

What do you get as standard?

We provide much more than just support

Bezpieczeństwo oraz pomoc

Security and support

You don't have to worry about if your site is running well. We will take care of that, as well as make sure it is protected from attacks and infections. In case of problems, we will restore it to function at an express pace.



The very rapid development of Wordpress, as well as its add-ons, forces constant updates to provide new functionality, better performance, as well as fixing bugs and elements that pose a threat. We provide uninterrupted support to keep the site up to date.

Modyfikacje i ulepszenia

Modifications and improvements

We work for you as you need. The cooperation and time provided for support can be used in a variety of ways. Whether it's editing content, changing data, images, changing the way elements are displayed or minor tweaks, just let us know.

Mechanizmy przyspieszające

Loading speed mechanisms = better positioning

The speed of a website is crucial when evaluating it and giving it the right position in search results. We implement mechanisms that continuously optimize the system using advanced and effective compression algorithms, thereby reducing the loading time of the site.

Monitorowanie pozycji

Google position monitoring

Reliable statistics show the real positions for any selected key phrases for a given domain. The data provides a reliable assessment of how a site is seen by the world's most popular search engine. It also allows you to verify the actions of positioning companies.

Kontrola alarmów

Alerts control and Google recommendations related to the website

Any abnormalities related to mobile device support, website inoperability or visibility issues will be communicated so that they can be fixed as soon as possible without potential loss of position.

Kopie bezpieczeństwa

Cloud backups

Not only will we make a security copy of your site on an ongoing basis, but we will also upload it to the cloud so that it remains secure regardless of your server.

Natychmiastowe reakcje w razie odnalezienia luk

Immediate responses when vulnerabilities are found

We constantly watch for reports of newly discovered bugs and vulnerabilities in the sites themselves, as well as add-ons. Once your site has something on the list of compromised items, we will react as quickly as possible to eliminate the threat.


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