Design and creation of online stores

Skuteczne sklepy internetowe

Set up your own online store and sell easily

the cheapest, most efficient, global form of commercial activity

The number of consumers shopping online is constantly increasing.

We design online stores functionally tailored to your requirements and in accordance with the latest trends. Hundreds of capabilities and processes work to facilitate all stages of sales and service. Easy, fast, simple.

The success of the store is our common goal

appearance, product presentation, and purchasing process are totally buttoned up

Modern appearance in line with trends is just the beginning.

Using the most popular store engines, we provide your customers with easy access to interesting items, their impressive presentation and a simple purchasing process so that you can sell effectively.

Sukces sklepu to nasz cel
Dobrze wyglądające

Attractive design and easy operation

leading by the hand enriched by efficiency in action

The high rate of change in the e-commerce business is highly visible.

We follow them, however, keeping in mind that some things remain the same. Focusing on convenience, small requirements for your customers are key.

Also crucial is:

  • responsiveness,
  • attractiveness,
  • readability and intuitiveness

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What can we offer you?

effective, selling stores with a great design

Przyjazne wyszukiwarkom, seo friendly

Search engine friendly

A high position of an online store in search results may be crucial. Based on the most popular solutions in the world, we provide all available optimizations as standard.

Łatwe w obsłudze

Easy to use

Buying and managing as easy as possible. Free categorization, inventory control, automated order statuses, customer information and fast payments. Additionally, cooperation with shipping companies.

Szybkie dotarcie do produktów

Quick access to products

Dynamic filters and search suggestions are becoming standard. We do everything to help your customers with their purchases.

Ekspresowe płatności

Express payments

Total standard in today's times. It allows not only to improve the finalization process, but also to automate it, giving the appropriate status to the order without involving anyone from the service staff.

Prezentacja i sprzedaż

Presentation and sales

Pleasant, intuitive and beautiful presentation is extremely important. Graphically presented variants, features, attributes, tabs. All this to please the eye and encourage shopping.

Konfiguracja produktów

Product configuration

You want to sell products or services that can be configured to suit the customer. We offer solutions that will allow customers to easily choose what you allow them to do, creating the perfect solution. It doesn't matter whether it is a T-shirt, a mug, a printed pillow or a computer set.

Responsywne i nowoczesne

Responsive and modern

The latest, proven technologies prepared for all screen sizes. Tested on all popular browsers.

Dopasowana struktura

Tailored structure

Exactly what you need. Free categorization and connections between groups and individual products are essential. A structure that perfectly suits your business, warehouse program, colors or industry... is your choice.

Relacje i użyteczna automatyzacja

Relationships and useful automation

Depending on the selected engine solution, we can freely combine all types of content, creating mechanisms that greatly facilitate professional and comprehensive product presentations in the online store.



It's up to you whether you want to open up to new global markets. Multilingual support is no problem. Various payment and delivery options depending on the customer's location as well.



Connecting an online store with other systems may prove important, or even crucial. The platforms used enable integration through special, additional modules. These may be, for example, sales websites such as Allegro or price comparison websites.



Ordering shipments, selecting parcel lockers from the Inpost list or synchronizing with your warehouse program is no problem.

Celem jest skuteczna sprzedaż

The goal is effective sales

We realize that the above elements are primarily intended to lead to effective sales. We work to ensure that you achieve it at the best possible level.

Wyróżniające pod każdym względem

Distinctive in every respect

The competition should chase you, not the other way around. We will do everything to make this happen. Let us distance it in our area of operation.

Why is Epoka company unique?

distinctive, functional, modern - we won't offer you others

Our team are specialists who care about quality and your success.

Several years of experience collected from the time when the Internet and graphics displayed on monitors were still being born has resulted in a unique knowledge that allows us to offer projects that are not only pretty, but also work effectively.


Whatever your goal is – we will advise, design and implement the best solutions offering a whole range of good ideas, designs and technological innovations.

We focus on pleasant relations that work well in cooperation with both small businesses and larger companies.



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