Ferment bakery

Ferment bakery

We bake bread and do it the best we can!

We were asked to create a website for the Ferment bakery in Krakow, specializing in high-quality baked goods.

In addition to the standard options, we have implemented the option of creating dedicated offers for the most important product recipients, such as shops, hotels, guesthouses or for occasional recipients. Additionally, the website has the ability to define all company points and places where you can buy their baked goods.

We have also enriched the whole with full online sales possibilities.

Service capabilities:

  • structure adapted to the industry
  • friendly product structure based on structured data
  • automated relationships between content
  • dedicated, easy-to-edit data fields
  • online store

We will take care of everything

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    30-702 Cracow, ul. Lipowa 3/416, Poland

    In order to arrange a meeting, please contact us in advance contact

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