Domestic and foreign transport

High availability, wide range of services, safety and professionalism.

We have prepared a website for a company specializing in the broadly understood transport of goods.

A clear presentation of services and distinctive features along with the vehicle base was the main goal that was set before us. We have created a dedicated project that was implemented into a friendly content management system with functionality that allows for the very quick creation of extensive descriptive pages.

In addition to the description of services and the presentation of the fleet, the website allows you to create documents dedicated to the industry, which are much more effective in reaching customers.

Additional possibilities provided to the client:

  • structure adapted to real needs (services, fleet, industries, company documents, etc.).
  • dedicated description fields enabling easy content management
  • a pleasant model for presenting the fleet
  • possibility to create any relations between page elements, providing a very convenient tool for editing and adding content
  • mechanisms to accelerate and optimize the website, also for SEO

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