Garden Center “Jurek”

A comprehensive offer of seeds from all respected producers.

Wide selection, support, guarantee of quality and availability.

Another version of the website created for the Garden Center located in Kocmyrzów near Krakow.

A distinctive graphic design combined with many types of content, automation and functions designed especially for the client led to the creation of a website that is unique in the industry.

Very easy ability to connect products with applications and knowledge base is not everything. Wide categorization options, manufacturer descriptions and the ability to promote or define the seasonality of the offer are just some of the elements we took care of.

Service capabilities:

  • advanced relationships between content types
  • user-friendly, automated content management system with proprietary solutions
  • extensive structure of additional content types and special fields
  • opportunities for promotion and determining the seasonality of the offer
  • search engine with product filtering option
  • making it easier to find products

We will take care of everything

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